LABUCQ Shannie Sandal Designer Notes

I keep the bulk of my shoes in a closet with a full length mirror nearby; on weekdays I’ll put together an outfit in the morning and maybe try on a few different styles to make sure the color, material, and silhouette gels with whatever I’ve chosen to wear.


At the front door we have a small basket and a footstool where there are another few pairs of shoes. These are, most likely: the boots I wore the day before, a running shoe, maybe a pair of Birkenstocks.


There will also be, undoubtedly, this super simple zebra hair-calf slide a factory owner gave me nearly a decade ago. They're unbranded, and were made only for me as a gift (an occasional perk of a good factory relationship). I’ve had these for quite a while, and I wear them frequently, without even thinking about it. Something about them — they are inviting. I just want to put my foot in.

 Labucq Shannie Sandal Inspiration

At the grocery store they keep magazines before the checkout that we accept are there for us to “impulse buy.” The Shannie Sandal—my improvement upon the pair I own—is sort of similar.

 Labucq Shannie Sandal

Shannie is your everyday front-door shoe. She’s ready to go: to brunch, the dog park, to run errands, or just to take out the garbage. They’re simple, but not boring. In Rosewood Python or Zebra Haircalf, you can wear them with almost any outfit; from sweatpants to a skirt, and look put together, even if you're not.

Labucq Shannie Sandal Designer Notes Zebra HaircalfLabucq Shannie Sandal | Rosewood Python and Zebra Haircalf

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