Alexis Badiyi


I met Alexis on a rainy Tuesday in February at our Spring 20 collection preview, just as New York fashion week was getting underway. It was also just before lockdown began and everyone's lives began to shift. We caught up recently to talk about where she is now post-quaratine, and where she is headed next.  

Photography: Jenna Saraco and Nicole Steriovski


What neighborhood do you live in?

Brooklyn, New York 

What do you do for work?

Freelance Creative. 

What is your most treasured item of clothing and why? 

My most treasured items are vintage pieces from my family. They all have iconic styles and wearing their pieces transport me to another time with them. My grandma gave me one of her vintage Dior 70s garden dresses. I love wearing it open as a house dress or cinched with a belt to go out.

Any personal style icons?

Cher, Ali Macgraw, Caorlyn Bessette, 90s Penelope Cruz, 70s Googoosh

Has quarantine changed your style sense at all or the way you dress everyday? 

I would say so. I tend to be a bit more casual during summer months to begin with, but my outfits have been very easy & comfortable. It has felt nice to have moments of dressing up here and there again. I've found myself drawn to finding little ways to feel comfortable and beautiful whether that's putting on a pair of gold earrings or wearing a special pair of shoes, like my Labucq Kitty’s in cream.

I think its awesome that you’ve been making masks and selling them with profits going towards charitable causes. Have you always been a sewer? Did you imagine when you started making them that you would still be doing it now, in August/September?

Thank you Lauren. I cannot imagine Covid without this project. I am truly grateful to have a purpose that makes a difference for others. 

I've sewn since I was a young, and studied further in university.  I had not sewn at this capacity for some time to be honest. A lot came back to me, like riding a bike. My fellow creatives have been so generous with ample tips and tricks if I ever hit a roadblock. When I started sewing back in March I could not have imagined this to turn into what it has but I am endlessly thankful for it. I recently created a branch of my website for the masks, which are now called JOON masks, Joon means dear in Farsi, often referring to loved ones. 

Have any of your personal or professional goals shifted at all over the last couple months?

Like many, this year was setting up to be my best year yet as a freelancer. It was hard to let go of the trajectory I had become so attached to. So there has been a lot shifting, internally and externally. This has been a devastating time for our world, country and for New York. I think it's important to shift our focus from ourselves to others; finding ways to use our voices, privilege and resources to make a shift and lasting difference.

Anything exciting coming down the pipeline?

I've had some shoots begin again which has felt exciting. Everyone I've worked with so far has made our shoots feel safe. I hope for myself and fellow creatives that we can rebuild our industry safely and ethically. 

I also have some Mask collaborations coming up that are going to be so good, keep an eye out. 

Any links you want to shout out?

All July proceeds of JOON masks went to a grassroots organization dedicated to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community on a global scale.

August went to Loveland foundation: Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls.

Voting is around the corner, check out if you need to register, not sure if you are registered or if you need to vote by mail 

Just launched a branch of my site to include masks, so definitely check this out :)

Alexis is wearing her own clothes with the Kitty in Cream.