Ava Ferguson


In Her Shoes — Ava Ferguson finds her striking personal style in Brooklyn thrift stores like Beacon's Closet.

Photography: Jerome Corpuz

What neighborhood do you live in? 

On the border between Bushwick, Brooklyn and Ridgewood, Queens

What do you do for work?

A combination of studying business at FIT, landing a modeling gig here and there through my wonderful agency (No Agency here in New York), and working the front desk at my favorite hair salon in the city (Shizen Brooklyn).

What do you do to feel polished before going out everyday?

Brushing out my eyebrows and putting on perfume How do shoes fit into your wardrobe:​ Living in the city, comfort is essential, but not at the expense of style. I usually stick to sneakers, platforms, or a pair of flat boots.

Does your job dictate what you wear?

​Thankfully, no. I have complete freedom to express my personal style, and it is encouraged there.

How important is comfort? Do you make style choices that sacrifice comfort?​

Comfort is extremely important to me style-wise. Platform shoes are often my solution to wanting to be taller but refusing to wear high heels. I would say the only sacrifice to comfort that I make is wearing dresses. It can be a challenge in the city with subway wind, the occasional catcaller, etc., but I love a cute day dress too much to give up.

Where do you buy most of your clothing?​

Thrift stores (Salvation army, goodwill, urban jungle, beacon's closet, etc.)

Ava is wearing her own clothes and the Mel Boot in Black Nappa