Dasha Nekrasova

Who is Dasha Nekrasova?

One third of the hilarious, brilliant podcast "Red Scare," Dasha shops at trashy teen-spot Brandy Melville. Catch her in Eugene Kotlyarenko's "Wobble Palace."

Photography: Jerome Corpuz

What neighborhood do you live in?

Bedstuy, Brooklyn

What do you do for work?


What is your favorite / most treasured item of clothing or jewelry, and why?

I wear a rose gold chain with a Russian Orthodox cross every day and have since I was a kid. I basically don’t own any other jewelry. I think its such a beautiful ornate little object, I used to stare at it when I was little - I thought it was so amazing how something could be so small and crafted with so much detail. It says “Save and Keep Safe” on the back in Cyrillic.

What do you do to feel polished before going out everyday?

I’m always looking for short sleeve silk or rayon button downs, its the most effortless way to look put together and versatile. In the winter, a form-fitting cardigan buttoned all the way up. I wish I could hold onto a nice pair of sunglasses but I’m losing them constantly.

Do you have any style principles that you try to stick to on a daily basis?

I like the mix of sort of preppy, utilitarian separates - trousers and blouses or a pleated skirt with a turtleneck, but in fabrics or prints that are more romantic and decorative, like velvet or mesh. Pairing a sheer, theatrical blouse with a sensible pair of pants. I have a hard time dressing in the summer, especially in New York where it gets so balmy. I’m really looking forward to fall, its much more my palette.

How would you define good style?

Good style to me is about contrasts. Mixing high/low, femme/butch, frivolous/utilitarian, cheap/expensive.

Can you describe your all-time favorite pair of shoes and a good memory you have wearing them?

I found a pair of black lace-up boots at a thrift store in Las Vegas once that I thought were just perfect. They looked a bit like Labucq Jil boot, just a perfect silhouette with a comfortable heel. I wore them with everything until I wore the heels down and the leather turned green.

Does your job dictate, in any way, what you wear everyday?

Sometimes I will dress in something evocative of a character I’m auditioning for, but usually I wear something flattering but nondescript so as to allow for the most projection onto myself.

How important is it for you to be comfortable in your clothes and shoes? Do you make style choices that sacrifice your comfort?

I’ve definitely suffered through nights in painful shoes or uncomfortable dresses but as I’ve gotten older I dress much less masochistically. A pair of shoes you can wear all day and night is worth the investment.

Where do you buy most of your clothing?

A lot of my wardrobe is second hand, either thrifted or from consignment stores. I’ve had a lot of the same clothes for years to be honest. Every year or two I buy a “Jackie cardigan” from J. Crew. They fit great and usually come in a good color every season. I have an ochre one with gold buttons I wear all the time. Since moving to NY I’ve gotten obsessed with Brandy Melville. I know its essentially fascistic that everything is one size, but I feel euphoric in there. The teens, the piles of tiny shirts, the weird Gen X-ey sensibility of it - they’re really doing something right there. Italians!

Who are your personal style icons?

Robert Bresson's "Mouchette". Isabelle Adjani wearing that beret in Algiers. Winona Ryder when she was depressed about being famous. Anne Wiazemsky in "La Chinoise". Jennifer Jason Leigh on David Letterman in the 90s.

Dasha is wearing her own clothes and the Claire Mule in Ivory Crocco