Jo and Tammy

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In an effort to foster intergenerational friendship and understanding, Labucq interviewed and photographed a series of moms and their grown up daughters. Our second pair is Tammy and her daughter Jo. We've followed and worked with Jo since the early days of Labucq, and we were so pleased to include her with her mom in this series. 


Photography: Kathy Lo


We asked Tammy about New York, some of her most beloved memories, shoes, and which generation she believes is the greatest.


Did you walk to school growing up?

I grew up in suburban Long Island - a town called Oceanside. 10 blocks from School #8.  Because all the neighborhood Dads rode the LIRR to work, we carpooled  to school but the pack of kids from the block definitely walked home.

What song was in your head the first time you fell in love?

Easy! Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin. 

What is the greatest (most memorable or sentimental) pair of shoes you’ve ever owned? Can you tell us how you acquired them? How you wore them? What made them memorable?

My Mom agreed on a pair of super high heel sandals called KORKEase. Wore them with very very short denim shorts my first summer at sleep-away camp. That summer I also learned how to french kiss. Wonder if the shoes had anything to do with that…

What is in your opinion the best 5-10 year “era” of New York City?

After college, I immediately moved back to NYC. It was 1982 - 1990. Dirty but so good. 

Are you glad you didn’t have a phone growing up?

Haha. My home phone number was 678-4635. The house phone was hung on the wall in the kitchen with a long cord that was always getting pulled   and tangled because if you wanted any privacy you had to go down the hall and into the closet. I wonder if others will remember being interrupted , “Can you get off? I need the phone."

How is your daughter most similar to you? Most different?

My daughter and I love new experiences and share  a true love of the arts, design, and travel. We both write stories. And we have delicate hearts that are easily broken.  I’m pretty fiscally conservative and Jo could use a little help there.

Any words of wisdom for zoomers / millennials?

Every now and again, have an off-line day.

Are boomers the real “greatest generation”?

I’m a tail end boomer so that’s a tough question. Every generation has its good but also its worst moments. On this question, I'm going with the greatest being Gen X and Y.  I'm in awe of these beautiful kids.

Jo is wearing Boomer Nero and Tammy is wearing Boomer Sport