Katherine Anderson


In Her Shoes — Katherine shares the accessory that gives her daily confidence, and talks about how shoes affect her both physically and emotionally.  

Photography: Jerome Corpuz


What neighborhood do you live in?

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

What do you do for work?

Urban Outfitters — Women’s Concept Director 

What is your favorite / most treasured item of clothing or jewelry, and why?

Anything vintage Comme Des Garcones, because it’s timeless.

What do you do to feel polished before going out everyday?

Put on mascara and hoop earrings 

Do you have any style principles that you try to stick to on a daily basis?

Keep things effortless and not over styled.

How would you define good style?

Knowing what looks good on you and wearing things beyond what is trendy.

Can you describe your all-time favorite pair of shoes and a good memory you have wearing them?

Probably mens black Bass Weajuns. I love having a black loafer in my wardrobe. I think it always looks good. Right now I have several versions, including Bass Weajuns, a mens lug sole Gucci version and a Nicole Saldaña heeled pair. 

How do shoes fit into your wardrobe?   

Above all they need to be comfortable! Living in NY I walk a lot. The goal ultimate goal is to be able to walk miles in them. Also I wear a lot pants and experiment with different leg shapes. Having different shapes to pair back is something important. And I pretty much always stick to black or white shoes. Either black to be subtle and blend in or white to make a statement.

Does your job dictate, in any way, what you wear everyday?

Yes! I never have enough time to pick out an outfit for the day in the morning. Im always running behind. So having shoes that are versatile and I not overly fussy are key. Also, comfort! I’m on my feet a lot so anything that I can wear from the  early morning to late evening is really priority.

How important is it for you to be comfortable in your clothes and shoes? Do you make style choices that sacrifice your comfort?

It’s extremely important! I learned after many years or wearing tricky or uncomfortable items that that wearing things that are comfortable for me actually helps me feel more confident and empowered. But I don’t sacrifice style for comfort. My comfortable clothes are also really stylish ;)

Where do you buy most of your clothing?

Either online second-hand (eBay, The RealReal, Etsy, etc) or smaller local NYC stores (Creatures of Comfort, Totokaelo, James Veloria) and I love Muji and Uniqlo for basics.

Do you have a particular item of clothing or an accessory that makes you feel powerful? confident? safe?

Right now it’s silver hoop earrings. I have a few different ones, in different widths and sizes. No matter what I’m wearing I just feel a little bit cooler when I’m wearing some hoops. 

Who are your personal style icons?

Diane Keaton and my husband 

Katherine is wearing her own clothes and the Claire Mule in Black Nappa