Mary Patton Dickson


Photography: Jerome Corpuz

What neighborhood do you live in?

I live in maspeth, queens​.

What is your favorite / most treasured item of clothing or jewelry, and why?

I would have to say my wedding ring and my husband's wedding ring. Sometimes I steal his to wear on my thumb. They are both vintage art deco rings found separately but mimic each other in style. They carry so much history and meaning to me.

How would you define good style?

Wearing clothes with ease​.

How do shoes fit into your wardrobe?

They are the most important! I'm constantly on the search for the perfect shoe. An outfit is easily ruined if you don't have the right shoes.

Where do you buy most of your clothing?

I'm a secondhand shopper whether it be a $1 dress​ ​from the thrift store or a beautiful vintage piece. I do like designer shoes though :)

Who are your personal style icons?

There are too many different and stunning people that I come across throughout the day to pin down a style icon but I love just walking the city and passing by beautiful strangers.

Any personal link or work you want me to shout out? Website, gallery, blog, fave restaurant, etc?

Some Girls, it's a lovely project I do with my friends! ​ @somegirlsss

Mary is wearing her own clothes and the Sophia Pump in Red Kid Suede