Naomi Elizee

@naomielizee / @sowhatdoyoudoagain

The inspiring Naomi Elizée is a fashion editor by day, podcast host by night. We met at our pop up shop last Fall and I was immediately impressed with her energy and kindness. We caught up recently to discuss how she's found balance both personally and professionally this year.  

Photography: Jenna Saraco and Nicole Steriovski


What do you do for work?

I am a Fashion Editor by day and a Podcast host by night! My podcast, So...What Do You Do Again? is my baby and it's been a wonderful year of pouring my heart and soul into it. 


What is your most treasured item of clothing or accessory? 

My gold ring that says "Love" on it. I stole it from my sisters collection years ago (that's what little sisters are for!) and it reminds me of home and my family. Wearing the ring helps when I'm feeling homesick.


How have you filled you time since quarantine began? 

Honestly, it has been very hard to balance my time between work, the podcast and adjusting to being back in my parent's house. I wish I could say I've been productive, working out, reading and keeping up with my skincare routine but I honestly have not. My days are pretty much packed with work but I'm currently trying to make space for myself and focus on my own radical self-care. I am working towards meditating every morning and giving myself grace to take breaks when I need to. Now that Moesha is on Netflix, I've been binge watching episodes as an escape for when I'm feeling overwhelmed or just need a good laugh. 


Has quarantine changed your style sense at all or the way you dress everyday? 

Not my sense of style but definitely how I dress everyday! Honestly, if I didn't have Zoom meetings everyday, I'm not sure If I would ever get out of my PJS! It's a lot of fun, graphic tops paired with more comfortable shorts or pants. Very Zoom-friendly outfits. Don't get me wrong, if you give me an excuse to dress up in my home, I have no problem throwing on a pair of heels! 


I recently listened to a few episodes of your podcast and found it super inspiring. I love that it brings women of color together through their stories, especially in fashion where there sometimes feels like there is a giant wall to climb if you’re on the outside of it. Can you tell me about why and how you got it started?

That makes me so incredibly happy. Thank you! 

I created "So...What Do You Do Again?" out of necessity. It is a podcast and platform I wished I had when I was younger and eager to break into the industry but had little knowledge and access on where to even start. “So…What Do You Do Again?” is a podcast centered around celebrating and amplifying the voices of women of color who are transforming the fashion industry. I strive to empower and inspire listeners through each episode, highlighting not just my guest’s journey in the fashion industry but how they have risen above the personal and industry-imposed challenges of being a woman of color. And in terms of how it got started, initially it was an idea I had for an online article series for a publication but as I continued to build it out, I realized it would work much better as a podcast and decided to pursue the idea on my own. And now, one year later, we're on our 21st episode! It's been a beautiful journey. 


Who was your favorite interview with?

Honestly, I don't think I can pick! Each and every episode brings such a unique perspective and experience. 


Anything exciting coming down the pipeline?

Some amazing episodes on the line-up! Very excited for my set of guests this season so stay in touch with SWDYDA on Instagram for updates!


Have your personal or professional goals shifted at all over the last couple months?

Definitely. I am more focused on pouring my energy into my family, my friends and my boyfriend.  I am also working on growing the SWDYDA community while only taking on outside projects that are meaningful and have a connection with. 


Any sites you want us to shout out?

Yes, let's continue to fight for Breonna Taylor and continue to show up for Black Trans Lives.

Naomi is wearing her own clothing with the Caro in black nappa.