Paris Reid


In Her Shoes - Paris defines good style as a matter of embodiment in an email interview with Labucq designer Lauren Bucquet. 

Photography: Jerome Corpuz


What neighborhood do you live in?

Kreuzberg, Berlin.

What is your favorite / most treasured item of clothing or jewelry, and why?

I wear my grandma Janet Esther’s gold chain every day. I also have a soft spot for the matching outfits my mom used to dress me my sisters in, which she still has hidden away in the attic.

What do you do to feel polished before going out everyday?

Rinse my face in cold water and put on cream, breathe some fresh air. I don’t think I’m so polished though is the thing! If I can get coffee and read in the morning it’s nice.

Do you have any style principles that you try to stick to on a daily basis?

I can’t commit!

How would you define good style?

More a matter of embodiment than of clothing.

Can you describe your all-time favorite pair of shoes and a good memory you have wearing them?

My clogs I’ve worn since I was fifteen. I’ve had the soles held together with scotch tape and the heels are disproportionately shaven down from unequal weight distribution so I look like I have a limp when I wear them and my feet angle upwards, toes higher than ankles, since the wood has worn away. The more I describe them the worse they sound but the total disrepair and mutual decay is supposed to be a testament to our unconditional love!

How do shoes fit into your wardrobe?

My favourites usually come into my possession sort of by accident, given to me on a whim or borrowed or found somewhere out of the way, and then I wear them to disintegration. I used to carry glue in my bag were fate to demand some amateur cobbling.

How important is it for you to be comfortable in your clothes and shoes? Do you make style choices that sacrifice your comfort?

It’s so psychological; sometimes I’ll wear an old t-shirt of my dad’s and jeans for a week and other times comfort is like a negligible rag of sheer itchy fabric in zero degree weather and cowboy boots that give me blisters..

Where do you buy most of your clothing?

Secondhand, stolen from my sisters or friends.

Who are your personal style icons?

Old fairytale characters, Ali MacGraw, country folk, babies in confused outfits.

Paris is wearing her own clothing and the Jules Boot in Flax Kid Suede