Rilka Noel


In Her Shoes — In an interview with Lauren, Rilka shares the origins of her envy-worthy ring collection.

Photography: Jerome Corpuz


What neighborhood do you live in?

Hell’s Kitchen - kind of random, but I’m pretty far west and away from the hustle and bustle so it’s nice and peaceful and close to the Hudson River - great to run near the water in the mornings.

What do you do for work?

I’m on the web team at Kith! I plan our site launches and design pages for each launch. A lot of UX/UI. It’s a an exciting time for Kith and for digital everything in general, so I love how dynamic it all is!

What is your favorite / most treasured item of clothing or jewelry, and why?

My grandma has the BEST jewelry so I have these two gold rings gifted from her. Both have these gorgeous teardrop shape stones in different shades of blue, and blue is her favorite color. And they’re just unique and special!

What do you do to feel polished before going out everyday?

Gelling my eyebrows and/or my edges makes me feel the most polished lol. Either that or just having rings on makes me feel more put together.

Do you have any style principles that you try to stick to on a daily basis?

I have an obsession with rings!!!!! So, I wear at least 5-6 every day. I’m also sort of a tom boy and have been an athlete all my life so I always try to mix a little sporty vibe into my style. Usually sneakers!

How would you define good style?

Good style is not just the clothes to me, it’s more the confidence that you wear them with and the vibe your giving off. Definitely more about personality.

Can you describe your all-time favorite pair of shoes and a good memory you have wearing them?

Omg. My favorite shoes are my Adidas Sambas. I’ve always had a pair like ALWAYS because I’ve played soccer since I was 6. And because I grew up in Michigan, winters were brutal and it would be tough to play soccer and to find spaces to play indoor. So, I remember my dad and I used to go to our local gym and we’d kick people off the basketball courts so we could play futsal and I’d wear my Sambas and my dad would wear his and we’d just go 1v1 for hours. It’d be the most fun and something I really miss doing!!

How do shoes fit into your wardrobe?

I build all of my outfits around my shoes! I find that the easiest way to figure out what I’m wearing that day.

Does your job dictate, in any way, what you wear everyday?

Not really! Everyone at my job is super lax and we’re given the freedom to express ourselves with how we dress.

How important is it for you to be comfortable in your clothes and shoes? Do you make style choices that sacrifice your comfort?

I loveeeeeee to be comfortable in what I’m wearing. I usually keep it super simple, and that’s because I like to be the most comfortable. I sort of have a uniform - vintage high rise jeans and t-shirt haha. Once in a while I'll mix it up with a dress or skirt, but not often. With shoes though, I like to experiment and bring in different silhouettes and go a little crazier! :~)

Where do you buy most of your clothing?

I thrift a good amount - usually with denim because I find it hard to find jeans that fit well. ASOS Marketplace and Depop are is a GREAT places to find vintage online!

Do you have a particular item of clothing or an accessory that makes you feel powerful? confident? safe?

Rings make me feel powerful lol because I’m pretty expressive and talk with my hands so I like people to see them! Hahaha that sounds insane but I also like the way they look on my fingers. They make me feel super confident and glittery and safe.

Who are your personal style icons?

This is sort of a basic bitch answer, but I love Bella Hadid. I like the way she mixes tom boy with feminine. I also look to SZA for a lot of style inspo because she definitely has a similar energy where she will wear an oversized baggy shirt and cargos one day, and a tight crop top and shorts the next. Definitely how I roll too.

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Rilka is wearing her own clothes and the Jules in Mineral Python.