Sachiko Clyde

We've been working with Sachiko for almost 2 years now, and she's become a big part of helping shape the image for Labucq through her work as our stylist. We spoke to her about how she got into her trade, and of course had to ask her about her greyhound-mix Levi, who is apparently quite a howler!

Photography: Adam Humphreys


How did you get into working as a stylist? 

I was always a creative person. Growing up my mother and I were (still are) obsessed with film and I always wanted to be able to create a storyline. I learned how to sew when I was 11 and was obsessed with reworking my grandmother's clothing. Styling seemed like a marriage between my love for fashion and creating a narrative. It was a natural progression for me.


Did you have a different career before styling? What is the weirdest job you’ve had?

When I first moved to New York I was a set designer which wasn't too far of a stretch. It was still a creative field where you work with your hands to create your own world but styling was a much better fit for me. 

I think the weirdest job I had was the first job I ever had when I was 15. I worked retail at a baby clothing store, which was strange because I was a. so young myself and b. at the time never wanted to have kids. I am the youngest person in my family, so I never really even grew up with babies around and have never babysat in my life. Because I got a discount there, I would sometimes purchase the kids clothing (which fit me because I was so short) or would buy pieces to rework into other outfits :)


You’ve gotten to do a bit of traveling for your work - where is the best place you’ve been to for a job?

I went to Iceland this year and it was definitely the most magical place I've got to travel for work. Because we went during their off season it felt like we were on snow covered Mars. Coming from the chaos of New York, it was so jarring to be in a place with no people around. Just snow and beautiful landscapes for miles. I felt so small and at peace there. I'm really lucky I was able to do that.


Favorite new designers?

I've been loving Kasia Kucharska pieces lately. I like anything with interesting textures and I feel like her pieces can add dimension to the most flat outfits. (Also I love latex!) 

Nong Rak is also someone to look out for! If you are into knits and again, texture, you will love them. Their knitwear pieces seem to have a personality of their own and the colors are always so dreamy. They sell out fast (I haven't even got a piece yet!) so I always make sure to put an alert on my phone when they do a drop. They also sell really beautiful vintage pieces which is always something I will love. I was a vintage seller and buyer for years before moving to New York. 


Obviously we love Levi. How did you come to adopt him?

My favorite question! 

I've been planning on getting a dog for years, but financially it seems a little out of reach until last year. I moved into an apartment with a backyard in prep to get the dog and then searched for months. There were a lot of good pups but none of them felt right or, because of the pandemic and puppy mania, they were snagged before I could even get an interview. 

Levi was returned from the family that originally adopted him because their new born baby was allergic to dog hair and I just had a feeling that we were meant to be. I inquired about him, had the interview a day later and I took him home two days after. It was all very fast and I was super nervous. I think no one talks about how nervous you are to see if you made the right decision. He was a much bigger dog than I was planning on getting and his breed wasn't the kind I was even looking at, but it was all so meant to be. 

He's my best friend and the best dog I could ask for. He's definitely got a LOT of personality and can be a talker (er howler) but I wouldn't have it any other way. We are an interesting duo because of our sizes, but I kind of love that. 


Has Levi been to Manhattan again since he came to the Labucq store?  

He has not, but only because it's transitioned into winter. Because of his size, and his allergy to being in moving, trains, elevators, etc. we have to walk everywhere to get places.  I love walking so it's perfect for me and Levi loves being pet by strangers so long walks are our thing. There will definitely be more Manhattan trips in the future. The key for me is to be wearing the right shoes and honestly I was totally fine walking from Soho to Greenpoint in my cream Labucq kitty loafers. The shoes needed a little TLC after walking miles in the dirtiest city in America, but I cleaned them up and they look as good as new. 


Sachiko is wearing Mika Loafer in Black Spazzolato