Sarah and Christine

In an effort to foster intergenerational friendship and understanding, Labucq interviewed and photographed a series of moms and their grown up daughters.

Our final pair is Christine and her daughter Sarah. After the shoot, Christine shared with our founder Lauren that she especially enjoyed working with Labucq because she met her husband taking a shoe design course at Parsons School of Design (also Lauren's alma mater). How cute?!

Photography: Kathy Lo

We asked Christine about New York, some of her most beloved memories, shoes, and which generation she believes is the greatest.


Did you walk to school growing up?

Yes. I did. I lived a few blocks from my school.


What song was in your head the first time you fell in love?

Sade's Smooth Operator


What is the greatest (most memorable or sentimental) pair of shoes you’ve ever owned? What made them memorable?

Boomer Sandal, I am wearing them now. Because my daughter and I were models for these sandals. So comfortable and nice cushion and fashionable and multi-generational.


What is in your opinion the best 5-10 year “era” of New York City?

It might sound ridiculous but I am having the best year every year. Tough time will bring me the resilience and good time brings thankfulness.


Are you glad you didn’t have a phone growing up?

I wouldn't mind. I love phone.


How is your daughter most similar to you? Most different?

[We're both] artistic and love fashion and travel. But I am short and my daughter is tall.


Any words of wisdom for zoomers / millennials?

Doing your best will bring success for tomorrow and read the bible and pray to God before you go to sleep.


Are boomers the real “greatest generation”?

Yes, the boomers are a great generation because they bring life to earth and add the family member revival of all the businesses and prosperity.

Sarah is wearing Boomer Tan and Christine is wearing Boomer Nero