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Labucq is a luxury footwear label founded by Lauren Bucquet that breathes new life into the direct-to-consumer space. Relying upon founder Lauren Bucquet’s long-standing relationships with family-run factories and tanneries in Italy, Labucq crafts subtly unique, smart shoes with the right proportions, composed of the best leathers, and that wear in beautifully—all while sidestepping traditional retail markup.

Labucq founder Lauren Bucquet

For a long time my friends and I had trouble finding shoes that were well made, designed thoughtfully, and didn't cost a fortune. We had to choose between the feel-bad affordability of fast fashion houses, and designer brands, whose product we loved but whose price we found hard to justify more than once every couple of seasons.

Into this dilemma came new, direct-to-consumer companies, whose low margin model promised customers higher quality for lower cost, but whose product, up close, disappointed. 

I believe the best products originate within designer-led companies. At every stage of the product’s journey, this model is built on trust. Through the experience I’ve gained working first hand with factories in Italy, I understand what it takes to make a great product. My goal is to offer the high-quality product I have always designed at direct prices. 


Lauren Bucquet, Founder