In My Younger and More Vulnerable Years

All of these clothes have been generated using AI.

Trained on a vast archive of past fashion, these GANs weave a complex tapestry of historical references, recontextualizing and repackaging the old into something that feels eery and new. The garments featured here teeter on the edge of a paradox, posing a profound question about the nature of creativity in the age of AI.

That is: are we really moving forward here? Or do these new tools paradoxically tether us to the visual vestiges of bygone eras?

Are we “stuck” in the ceaseless current of the river in Fitzgerald’s elegy? Or might we wake up alongside Grimes one day and see “like, mega gods building new stars and stuff.”

Featuring Ava Ferguson
Photography: Max Lakner
A.I. Styling: Edward Shenk
Art Direction: Labucq