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Our intention for Labucq is to sell great shoes at a lower markup. We launched direct-to-consumer to offer better-made, more beautiful shoes than other direct-to-consumer brands; shoes of a quality rarely found outside designer-led, design-driven companies. 

We have always aimed to be transparent about what it costs to create our shoes. We cost out ensuring our partners across the board are compensated fairly throughout every product's creation. Because there is no wholesale markup, our prices are direct from us to our customers. 

That being said, when we ask our customers what they love about Labucq, we find price is rarely mentioned. Much more important to our customers (and to us) is design and quality.

We are a designer brand. We believe a rich, vibrant ecosystem of designer brands makes the world a more varied and interesting place.

We believe a designer personally invested in the creation of a product from conception through shipment is the most important guarantor of that product’s quality. With factories that have the expertise and skill to execute the vision, we confidently ensure our product and its value. 


Labucq Kitty Cream Pricing


We are fond of the adage, "luxury sets the price, price does not set luxury."

We make luxury shoes, to exacting standards that are apparent in every detail.

For a tour of our factory, check out our quality page.

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